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The developer of BidPro, TrakPro, ConduitPro, AttendancePro and CablePro is Peter Buitenhek.

Mr. Buitenhek has been involved with contracts and estimating projects for over 30 years. Over these years Peter has contributed to the success of several companies while managing the many elements of his projects (i.e., markups, raw labor costs, material costs, mileage, per diems, sales tax, etc). He found that his greatest challenge was working with contractors whom too often used very informal means to develop estimates (i.e., seat-of-the-pants guesses or home-grown spreadsheets). At other times, companies would have made large investments in project specific software products that provided them with minimal insight into their profits. In 1994, Peter started developing a suite of software products to consistently bid and track projects keeping the PROFIT picture always in line. This software utilizes simple parameter and project specific entry forms to allow project bidding and tracking of any type of product/service combination from one dollar to $99.9+ million. This suite of software is now available to the public through and

The following is a brief professional resume of developer, Peter Buitenhek:

After receiving a BS Degree in Aeronatical Engineering, Mr. Buitenhek started his career in Chicago as a lubrication/pneumatics design engineer for high speed military applications. Peter was later recruited to work on space launch vehicles by a major defense contractor and moved to San Diego, California. Peter had the opportunity to work with the Atlas/Centaur rocket program as a Pneumatics Design Engineer and after completing an Executive MBA in Information Technology program was promoted to West Coast Manager for Computer Artificial Intelligence working with cruise missiles modelling, Nastran/and non-linear structural programs,F-16 battle damage assessment and passive sonar submarine histogram identification. These programs ran on VAX processors by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC).
Later, Peter teamed up with Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) as a sales representative for a large Naval Science Laboratory. Peter was promoted to a senior sales position after presenting and winning a significant multi-million dollar black badge project. While working these many years Peter had the chance to learn, fully understand and appreciate the power of a successful quick project estimating and management reporting systems..

After completing the scientific core of a Telecommunications Engineering Masters Program, Peter went from Operations, General Manager and finally Regional General Manager in the structured horizontal communications cabling field. Mr. Buitenhek was hired to take nearly defunct offices with minimal or slumping sales and make them profitable. He brought technical & financial direction to these offices and tasked certain key members to strictly abide by his Bid/Tracking project software programs. In all cases, Mr. Buitenhek has attributed his successes in rebuilding these offices to these software products and company successes to talented and dedicated personnel.

Mr. Buitenhek wants to give special recognition to some of his management/associates/advisors who were instrumental in directly/indirectly/inadvertently supporting his vision of faster-better-cheaper and contributed significantly to the overall product and website successes.
C. Cortez
J. Parthemer
Thank you from Peter Buitenhek
B. Wilson
B. Volbeda
B. Purtill
J. Virden
F. Cervantes
P. Pedersen
G. Harris
B. Buitenhek
K. Buitenhek
B. Watts
Profs. P. Richard
J. Kopersky
Cabling Business Magazine
D. Abaimov, RCDD
Profs. T. Powell
@ SDCCD GraybaR & Anixter @ UCSD

Cabling Business Magazine Article, "Using Computer Software to Bid a Cabling Project", (May 2003).
Below* is a list of links to some of my favorite online technical support forums and magazines
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Also check the Tek-Tips Forum for any technical issue.
*Please note: the above sites link outside of and as such may exhibit problems or add spyware without our knowledge. As in all cases, please have your virus definitions up to date and browse wisely. Please report any broken site-links. Thank you.

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