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Export Sheet

The Export Sheet provides for all calculated input into proprietary software or other customer project analysis software. Rather than transfer calculated numbers that could easily be transposed, simply copy the desired information into your proprietary sheet. You can even “link” to this sheet for further analysis.

This overview sheet allows project & financial managers the opportunity to see the proposed bid via different profit filters. Product & Labor costs are shown along with associated taxes and GPM. The exact profit dollars and associated return-on-investment (ROI) can provide construction loan officers with forecasted revenue streams.

Each option also breaks down each bid into a potential Time & Material (T & M) project. If your numbers vary simply adjust the baseline markups on the Parameter sheet for the next project to personalize the BidPro for your specific product or company.

Figure 1 Option 1 through Option 6

Option breakdown

Option 1 is the result of all items listed in the Parameter, Labor, Material and Summary Sheets.
All input items from the Parameter Sheet (toggle settings, markup rates etc.), Labor Sheet tasks times, Material Sheet quantity and costs, as well as fine tune adjustments in the Summary Sheet have resulted in a project near the gold-standard of 30% GPM (28.5 %).

Option 2 has the same input as Item 1 but each major category can be adjusted by the GMP.
All inputs are similar to Option1 except each category can be individually adjusted for the desired gross profit. 29.2% GMP.

Option 3 takes all costs and adjusts (by category percentage) the user requested GMP.
In this example we have asked for the sell price based on a 35% GPM. BidPro calculates the percentages of our four (4) major categories (Material, Labor, Subcontractor and Other) and redistributes these value (along with sales tax). In comparing these values to Item 1.

Option 4 takes all costs and adjusts (by category percentage) the user requested sell price.
In this example we requested a Sell Price of $53,000 which resulted in 32% GPM.

Option 5 GOLD STANDARD (from Parameter Sheet)
If management had decided that all bid prices should be discussed if below the Gold-Standard, then choosing Option 1 and 2 would require management approvals before submittal since the GPM is less than 30%.

Option 6 (T & M) applies a Time & Material Rate to all labor, material, subcontractor and other costs.
We used arbitrary (T & M) values of $60/hr labor rate and 50% material markup. Remember Subcontractor and Other costs are included in the Labor portion. The resultant GPM was 38.8%.

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