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The BidPro contractor bidding & financial package is a Microsoft hosted Excel spreadsheet program that will assist owners, estimators and project managers in competitively bidding simple through complex projects where labor and material costs are known and gross profit margins are calculated or directed. Utilizing BidPro in the simplest form requires only one (1) labor and one (1) material line to calculate your desired sell price, profit, gross margin percent, desired GMP and labor rates. Complex projects can incorporate per diems, bonding rates, subcontractors, non-markup items, resource planning, competitor comparisons, and 500 material/labor task inputs.

BidPro is designed to assist you in making informed proposal response and bid pricing decisions as well as depicting Gross Margins of Profit (GMP) and what-if bids in terms of cost and profits for the financial managers.

The BidPro workbook incorporates eleven (11) topic planning forms. The major forms are: Parameter, Labor, Material, Summary, and Margins. Two (2) optional what-if sheets are printed to expand on input specifics.

1. The Parameter Sheet feeds all other sheets in the workbook. The user may modify all parameters on all sheets that are color-coded green (safe to use). White and other colored ares should not be user adjusted. Begin by setting all regular parameters here and save this copy as your company's baseline. This way when you call up Bidpro, all company parameters are already set; all you need to do is add labor hours and material costs to start the BidPro calculations.

2. The Labor Sheet can take up to 500 task entries. Each task is associated with a specific classification of worker WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) that is set to your baseline parameters. Labor hours for all tasks can be described in hours or by quantity-per minute (i.e., 300 jack terminations at 3.5 minutes each equals 17.5 labor hours). In addition, all worker classifications are summarized at the bottom of the sheets to provide a quick overview of personnel allocation.

3. The Material Sheet can take up to 500 material entries (each with Description, Part #, Vendor #, Color/Other, Unit Cost, Markup and Extended Price). All material quantities and overall pricing is summarized at the page bottom for review.

4. The Summary Sheet is comprehensive, depicting all entry calculations and is used to fine-tune all calculations. Raw labor cost, non-productive time, prevailing wage, direct overhead charge, burden and sell pricing break down the labor. The material section of this sheet allows more fine-tuning (example: add material items at no mark-up charge). The workday length and desired workweek are preset to 8 hours per day 5 days per week, this can be user modified (i.e., 10 hour day 4 days per week). The project duration is calculated using the total Labor Line Items, total hours and the work-day-work-week scenario into Days/Weeks/Months. Bond requirement amounts are calculated at your specific bonding rates.

5. The Margins Sheet is broken down into another 5 sections to better determine your specific company needs. Section 1 uses your entire Parameter/Labor/Material and Summary Sheet inputs and calculates a project sell price and GMP. Section 2 allows the user to adjust individual GMP per item (i.e., Material, Labor, Mileage, Per Diem, etc.). Section 3 allows the user to set the desired GMP and BidPro calculates material sell prices using your labor/material costs. Section 4 allows the user to set the desired sell price and BidPro calculates the GMP. And finally, Section 5 uses your Parameter Sheet GMP input number so you can use this as a project baseline to compare the previous 4 Sections. After the user has selected the desired financial sell option, the Margins Sheet will display the relevant information for the TrakPro software input.

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