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Material Sheet

The essential inputs of the Material Sheet are Quantity and Unit Cost to calculate the “Sell” and “Extended Price”. The Parameter Markup % comes from the Parameter Sheet value for Material Markup %. If you have a proprietary item (i.e., a special mounting bracket made specifically for your company) you may want to mark up this item to reflect your costs and desired gross margin. By placing a value in the Desired Markup %, the Parameter Material Markup Value is overridden and the new Sell Price is calculated based on the “Desired Markup %”.

Figure 1 Material Sheet Input

BidPro Material Sheet Layout
BidPro Material Sheet Layout

The original Material Markup Percent (40%) is applied to all material on this sheet from the Parameter Sheet. To change one product's markup to a on-time markup simply enter that value under the Desired Markup % column. This is useful if an item is known to have intrinsic higher value (i.e., you manufacture the item) and others need to buy a similar product at a higher price. Note the 0.0% passes the cost on as a sell price.

Each item's cost, sell price and extended sell price are calculated and totaled at the bottom of the sheet. In addition, note the 10% Misc Markup comes from the Parameter Sheet.

After a project is completed we have a Rack-n-Stack Meeting with all people involved. One item of this meeting is to ascertain how well we estimated the material and quantity. Any major oversights could cost the Estimator severe Brownie-Points or bonus dollars.

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