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The Summary Sheet is a busy sheet, utilizing all Parameter, Labor and Material Sheet set numbers/values that calculates “Total Sell Prices” and “Gross Margins”. In addition, if you want to add other “Labor Cost per Hour” items to any individual category (i.e., anticipated hourly pay increase), this can be accomplished through the green Plus EXTRA Labor Cost per hour area. All applicable burden and labor markups will be included.

A cost adjustment is available for freight, mileage, parking, per diem, subcontracts and license/permits. The Other Costs item is intended as a pass-through to the customer and does not have any company markup associated with it.

The crew size is automatically set to the number of WBS lines counted on the Labor Sheet. The crew size will determine the project duration. The project duration will automatically fill in the number of days for Parking, Mileage and Per Diem (but only if the respective Parameter Sheet inputs were set to Yes). The number of days for mileage, parking or Per Diem can be user-set at the green area to correspond to the schedules and workloads. The standard workday is set to eight (8) hours per day and the standard workweek is set to 5 days per week. Both of these items can be edited to reflect your company workloads.

Note: In this example, BidPro originally used 17 people for the crew size since the WBS line item totaled 17. This made the project duration: 2.3 days (0.5 weeks or 0.1 months). However, we set the crew size to 4 for this demonstration making the project duration last 9.9 days (2 weeks or 0.5 months).

Figure 1 Work Day & Work Week

BidPro Summary Sheet Work Day Length

The same 40 hour work week is applicable (8x5 or 10x4) although some tasks will take less days simply due to completion of a 10 hour task in 1 day (10 hour day) versus a 10 hour task in 1-1/4 days (8 hour day). BidPro can handle any desired work week scenario, except 24+ hours per day and 7+ days per week. It also denotes, for information only, the Sunday labor rate is usually 2x the regular rate.

The Work Day Length/Work Week Length and Desired Crew Size allows the user to custom design each project duration in order to keep all employees working or meet specific timelines in the contract.

In addition to the fine tune features, the Summary Sheet also allows user inputs for freight, mileage, parking, per diem, license and miscellaneous costs. For each project general Parameter Sheet percentages may not be applicable. If expected freight changes are based on priority shipping, add the addition monies on the green user input area. These costs will be automatically cascaded to the margins.

Every green area allows user input. For example, we have included a $500 Misc. Cost item as an incentive to the project team to complete the project on-time and within budget. This cost is not marked up but will be passed on to the customer. If the estimator or install teams needs an unexpected item, perhaps the Misc. Cost item will cover the cost and still keep us on financial track.

Figure 2 Misc. Cost Item

BidPro Summary Sheet Misc. Cost input

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