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  Terms, Conditions, and Delivery  
Placing Orders
Prompt Delivery
Payment Options
Returns and Refunds (NO-MONEY BACK POLICY)

  Placing Orders
  Purchase Profit Developer ( software through PayPal.
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  Commitment to Prompt Delivery
  We are dedicated to fulfilling your requests in a timely fashion.  Our goal is to email your software within 24 hours of receipt of credit approval from PayPal.  In most cases it will be sent within an hour or so, once your credit information has been approved. <go to top>

  Flexible Payment Options 
  Through PayPal using Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 

  Orders are fulfilled via email attachment with "request delivery receipt" acknowledgement
  File Sizes:
BidPro Software (~0.9 megabytes)
Documentation (1.2 megabytes)
TrakPro Software (~1.2 megabytes)
Documentation (1.4 megabytes)
CablePro Software (~1.2 megabytes)
Documentation (3.6 megabytes)
LaborPro Software (~2.3 megabytes)
Documentation (1.1 megabytes)
ConduitPro Software (~0.8 megabytes)
Documentation (1.8 megabytes)

  Return and Refunds
  Defective Products:   If you have received  defective software we will replace it, via email, at no cost to you.  These software products are sold with a free one (1) year product upgrade warranty.
  However, since no Excel-based macros are utilized in the coding to prevent viruses, it will easily allow unauthorized software copying. Hence, A NO-MONEY-BACK POLICY IS STIPULATED.
  Please note:  this software requires Microsoft Excel(tm) to run. <go to top>

  Thank you for taking the time to read through our terms and conditions.

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