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TrakPro started in 1996 to evaluate projects that we had bid and won. It didn't take long to notice: that some technicians had been promoted or were unavailable, material pricing had gone up or new testing equipment would greatly reduce labor hours. Using the same vision as for BidPro, we wanted TrakPro to incorporate the same sophisticated inputs as well as provide management with estimate-to-complete values to ascertain project profitability, over-under billing and cash position.

TrakPro is a stand-alone package that allows up to 35 additional Change Orders to be grouped with the original bid (either from BidPro or directly entered). Up to 300 specific technicians can be listed along with their individual pay rates. Technician hours can be tracked by regular, overtime, doubletime, premium, premium overtime and premium doubletime for up to 500 line items. Each line item could represent daily, weekly or monthly manpower tracking. Input sheets that detail direct material cost, subcontractor cost, and PPPM (parking, per diem, permits and mileage) all feed into the Cost Chart and WIP (work in progress).

The WIP sheets breaks down the actual costs, estimate-to complete and provides billing and cash positions for the original bid. Additionally a Time & Material Option, Fixed Material and Fixed Labor Option were added.

The T & M option was added when a customer asked us to re bid a project on a time & material basis. The "fixed" parameter options were added when we were asked to bid on a project were the customer specified how much they paid for labor or material on a specific job. Rather than change what the customer expects to see, we can fix a price and easily adjust the other parameters to provide a desired gross margin picture for our company.

TrakPro also provides a graphical depiction of "above the line - Bad" or below the line - Good" coupled with ETC that quickly shows the progress and project completion specifics without having to deep dive into the numbers of many concurrent running projects.

By comparing the original bid costs & profits to the currently running or completed project, we are also able to evaluate the success of our project managers and gauge the effectiveness of our estimators. This helps greatly at bonus and review time.


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