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The CablePro is a Microsoft© hosted Excel™ spreadsheet program that will assist anyone interested in pricing horizontal communications cabling. The design sheets list installation parameters that will enable any company to evaluate contractor bids or decide budget parameters for capital appropriation requests. Pricing is based on individual company labor rates and includes installation, termination, test and documentation. Use these customized results to define project budgets or compare contractor bids with CablePro results. Product material quantity, cost, average faceplate cost/sell price, return-on-investment (ROI) and gross profit margin (GPM) are calculated for Voice/Data/Fiber cabling projects. There is also a Customer Pricing Sheet that lists only the sell prices to detail the material, labor and misc, line items for end user perusal and consideration.

CablePro Sheets

The CablePro workbook incorporates four (4) topic-planning sheets: Horizontal Parameters, Faceplate Layout, Pricing and Option.

Horizontal Cable Pull Times

Typical inputs include time to setup/pull copper and fiber cable in a minutes format. Termination and documentation times are also included.

In this manner, CablePro will know that

250-2V (2 voice) cables will take (54 x 250 = 13,500 minutes) 225 hours.


However, we have determined that pulling multiple groups of cables usually yields "Economy of Scale". The process allows us to reduce the actual pull times by certain user changeable percentages:
1. one to three cable groups (2V) =100%
2. four to five cable groups =99%
six to ten = 98%
4. eleven to fifteen = 95%
5. sixteen to twenty = 90%
6. over twenty = 80%

Thus, we have 250 - 2V groups, so our Economies of Scale will yield 80%
54 minutes/60=0.9167 hours x 250 x 80% = 183.33 hours versus 225 hours

Using the "Economies of Scale" reduction

Typical hanger and Cable type input

Many installers miss the cost of installing hangers. CablePro will allow you to custom-calculate the the base count and cost easily. If very specific routes are required, simply set the parameters to zero (0) and CablePro will ignore the hanger calculations.

The Faceplate Layout is designed to accommodate all combinations of connectors in a faceplate with up to 6 holes. The user may select voice, data and fiber connectors by simply entering quantities of each configuration. Total material counts for faceplates, jacks, cabling and panels will be calculated.

Faceplate gif for 1 to 6 holes
CablePro Faceplate Sheet Input

25 simplex Voice Only
65 quad Data Only
10 3plex 2-Voice
52 3plex Fiber & 2-Voice
8 quad 2-Fiber 1-Voice 1-Data

160 total plates


CablePro Faceplate Sheet Input

CablePro will calculate that you will need (1) 72-fiber jack patch panel, (1) 900-pair voice block and (1) 96-port data patch panel.

68 Fiber Jacks
157 Voice Jacks
73 Data Jacks

CablePro will also provide a count of jacks (or pairs) available above the required quantity to quote adds to the customer.
CablePro - # of Terminations, Jacks available and cable length
The "Jacks Above" section will quantify the number of "extra" jacks available based on the existing configuration. So in case of the Data Panels, the customer can request up to 23 additional jacks before an additional data panel install/cost is required. You could quote the customer the "Average Faceplate" sell price (which really includes all connection material and labor) to make a great profit return.

The Pricing Sheet can display all 83 combinations of connector configurations and display single item costs, sell price and extended sell price.

CablePro Pricing Sheet Results
Price, Profit, ROI, GPM and Desired Faceplate Sell Price on Pricing Sheet for CablePro

Change Average Faceplate Cost
to $275 changes the Sell Price

and modifies the Labor only

Cost Chart for CableProLabor Hour Chart for CablePro Sell Price Comparison to Industry for CablePro
Baseline Sheet for CablePro - sets your company parameters
The green input area sets the CablePro baseline values.

As an example, the average time to pull one (1) 4-pair cable 152' distance in a standard drop-tile ceiling is 42 minutes (2 people 21 minutes each).

CablePro will show the cost and sell price for material and labor. All financial people will like the fact that profit dollars, gross margin and Return-on-Investment (ROI) will help them "flash" sales figures.

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The Option Sheet can provide additional lines of user information, quantity and pricing that will automatically transfer to the pricing sheet calculations.

The Customer Sheet provides complete project material, labor and misc, item sell prices for their perusal and consideration. This will provide a quick and easy customer copy of your project without the need to retype or redact large portions of your proposal.

Customer Sell Price Sheet in CablePro

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