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Welcome to BIDQWIK . com
a Division of ProfitDeveloper . com
In Business 2003 - 2015
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UNDER CONSTRUCTION - We will return Q4 of 2015
Knoxville, Tennessee

OBJECTIVE: Make available to owners, contractors, schools and end-users robust practical software packages that are inexpensive ($50 - $100) and can pay for themselves in one (1) project.

WHO: is a small company that markets five (5) spreadsheet software products. The programs are Microsoft© hosted Excel based (2010 and 2003) and require the user to own Excel, but do not require the user to be a spreadsheet expert or user. All inputs are easy dollar, quantity or percent fill-ins.

WHERE:, a division of, was started in San Diego, California and now resides in Knoxville, Tennessee. Sales of the products are worldwide.

WHEN: We started as a software design company called in February 2003. Initially, the design of the proprietary Horizontal Communications Cabling bidding software started back in 1994 followed by the start of the Cable Bidding /Tracking software suite in 1996 which we used in our business. In February 2010, we decided to add a site name that fit the quick bidding capabilities of the software by opening up BIDQWIK . COM.

Either way, BIDQWIK . com (bidding quickly) and Profitdeveloper . com (bidding for profit), are the same product.

WHAT: There are five (5) software packages: up to Microsoft Excel 2010, even runs on Microsoft RT tablets w/Excel
Compatibility issues exist in MS-Excel: please specify MS Excel 2003-2007 or MS Excel 2010

WHY: Many programs we found required sophisticated servers, proprietary code, SME (subject matter expert) support that didn't exactly give us what we needed and they were always very $$ costly.




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