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I wanted something cheap, quick and accurate. Not pick 2 out of 3!

And we needed software to help run a business that:

  1. could bid on any competitive projects that required varied products and services
  2. would provide a structure to easily determine sales price, profit and gross margin
  3. provide graphical depiction of results for easy project discussions
  4. could track project actual to bid costs and focused on maintaining profits
  5. quickly re-bid projects based on specific best-and-final guidelines
  6. determine cash position and over/under billing when tracking a project
  7. tracked worker attendance by hours, percent of goal and reason for absences
  8. could bid on specific horizontal cabling projects quickly and accurately
  9. determine conduit size and fill capacities for numerous communications cables
  10. determine trough size and fill capacity for numerous communications cables

We could not find programs with our desired features, so we designed & programmed the software packages ourselves. We used these packages on every project and the end result was consistent bid processes and better managed project funds. These tried-and-true programs are now available to you.

Microsoft© Excel™ has worldwide recognition and support so we based our design on Excel™. The design will utilize the spreadsheet approach by allowing easy customer inputs that yield sophisticated and very complex formulas. All packages utilize the basic and rote functions (add, subtract, concatenate, vlookup, index, match etc.) but will not utilize macros where potential software viruses can hide.

ISSUE: Many contractors bidding projects today still use "seat-of-their pants" practices. However, variances in technician/estimator ability and training nearly over-shadow the technical advances of product hardware and software design. Larger organizations utilized formalized bid-training programs and cumbersome prepackaged estimator/design software costing $5,000+. Conversely, smaller companies only have homegrown software or best-guess practices to bid sophisticated projects. On a recent project for a convention center, the owner received seven bids from contractors that ranged from $91,000 to $235,000. Prior to this bid, the owner did the homework with a designated supplier (GraybaR) to determine baseline material costs: $89,000! Obviously, major items like tax; labor and profit dollars were missed by some contractors and over-extended by others.
(see Peter Buitenhek's magazine article in Cabling Business Magazine).

EASY USAGE: These programs are Microsoft© Excel™ based and require Excel™ to run, but do not require a knowledge of Excel™ to use. The layout structure is common for all 5 programs and provides for easy input to get sophisticated and complex calculated results. User changeable parameters on all sheets are color-coded green.

Typical input layout for 60% Labor Markup Percent:

BidPro Parameter Sheet

In the above BidPro example, all labor costs would be marked up 60%. There are sixteen WBS Employee Classifications slots that could be personalized by name, grade, function and raw pay rate. Sub-contractors can be used along with many other inputs with associated material and labor costs that are enveloped in the cost - sell Margins Sheet.

LOWEST PRICES: These easy to use programs are priced to give you a return-on-investment in just one project. Why so low?? We developed the software packages to run our businesses. These tools helped us understand cost/profit and allowed us to be very successful. wants you to have this same opportunity without having to develop your own code.

used to bid any product and/or service from $1 to $99.9 million. Provided are markups, costs, sell prices, gross margin and return-on-investment information. Six (6) scenarios can be used to determine sell price for competitive advantage.
will track any product and/or service project actual costs versus bid costs to determine estimate-to-complete, over/under billing, basic invoice and cash position.
determines horizontal structured communications cabling project cost, sell price, profit, gross margin and ROI based on minimal faceplate and install parameters. SME expertise required in cabling.
is used to determine conduit and trough fill ratios for horizontal structured communications cabling projects.
tracks weekly work hours (up to one year) and absentee excuses for up to 50 workers.
5 Pack Bonus
all 5 software packages at a 30 % savings.
BidPro, TrakPro, CablePro, ConduitPro and AttendancePro.

These Microsoft® Excel™ based software programs have taken seven (7) years to develop and have significantly contributed to increased profits and bottom-line awareness of numerous national and international companies.

Companies that use BidPro, TrakPro and LaborPro
Civil Engineering
Cement & Paving
Property Management
Lawn & Garden
Metal Working
Artificial Grass Install
Brick & Lattice
Tire Store
Meeting Planners
Space Planners
Private Investigators
Computer Vendor
Clothing Manufacturer
Film & Television Your Company Veterinary OPEN - Your Company OPEN - Your Company

The companies above have a product (and/or service) that they need to market in a competitive environment. Each have general markups and desired profit requirements but must bid on projects that vary in scope. By standardizing their company's financial framework, they can consistently bid each project based on competitive analysis and strategic prowess. An easy interface allows actual project cost tracking compared to bid dollars and scores the estimator's proficiency. Attendance tracking (up to 50 people) graphically depict chronic abuses and provide workweek hourly goals for use in project debriefing and performance appraisals.

The companies below are contractors or end-users that are familiar with horizontal cabling projects for computer networks. The easy to use CablePro input allows a fast cost & sell feature that can be tracked by estimators, managers and financial overseer. End users can estimate the install price of their cable plant install before placing their project out for bid. ConduitPro determines the maximum conduit fill capacity for cables based on installations standards.

Companies that use CablePro and ConduitPro
Computer Cabling
IT Consulting
Firestop Equipment
Fire & Alarm
Home Builders
Equipment Suppliers
Space Planners
Training Schools Product Vendors Architecture Firms Loan Officer HVAC

We even develop custom proprietary programs, like FuneralPro, to help a Funeral Director determine service costs quickly and accurately without the need to sit in front of the grieving family typing in costs like a cash register checkout line. In that capacity, it would be inconceivable to forget things our misquote prices.


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